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What kind of spring does the Thudbuster use?


The Thudbuster is an elastomer-based suspension system. The elastomers are constructed of a special blend of polyurethane in five different durometers (stiffnesses). Each elastomer is centrifuge-cast at 300 times the force of gravity to ensure the best quality and highest durability possible.



Does the suspension have any damping control?



The Thudbuster elastomers are specially formulated with inherent damping characteristics. The proprietary formula offers quick compression to absorb bumps quickly with rebound damping to slow the suspension mechanism's return to the top-out position.


How do I know what diameter (size) to order?


The Thudbuster follows standard seatpost diameters. Different bicycles require different diameter seatposts. To find out the diameter of your seatpost, you must remove the seatpost from the bicycle frame and look for the size, which is stamped just below the "Minimum Insert" line toward the bottom. The number will be a three-digit number (such as 26.8 or 27.2 or 31.6). If you are unable to read the size, you may need to take the seatpost to your local bike shop and have them measure it using calipers.


My seat is really low. Will there be enough room for the Thudbuster's suspension mechanism on my bike?


The suspension mechanism requires at least 144mm (LT)/98mm (ST) from the saddle rails to the bicycle frame. This is a reasonable clearance that almost all riders with a properly sized frame will have.


What are my options if my frame doesn't allow the required minimum extension?


The best solution is to switch saddles to one with a shorter height or distance from saddle rails to seating surface. Saddles can vary in height as much as 75mm. Keep in mind that if you are using a padded saddle now, once you have the Thudbuster you will be able to use a lighter, shorter saddle.


I'm pretty tall and have my seat really high. Will the seatpost be long enough for me?


The Thudbuster seatpost is 396mm (LT)/351mm (ST) from the end of the tube to the center of the saddle clamp where the saddle rails attach. You will need at least 100mm inside the bicycle frame so the maximum height from the frame to the saddle rails is 296mm (LT)/251mm (ST).


What are my options if my frame requires more than the standard maximum extension?


We do make two extra long seatposts, a 27.2mm x 446mm overall length Thudbuster LT and a 27.2mm x 401mm overall length Thudbuster ST. These offer a maximum extension of 346mm and 301mm, respectively.


Will the seatpost interfere with pedaling the bicycle?



The patented design uses a downward/rearward motion to isolate the suspension movement from the drivetrain of the bicycle. The seatpost is actively absorbing bumps regardless of whether you are coasting along or really cranking on the pedals.


Will the downward/rearward motion affect handling and control as the seat moves toward the rear wheel?



The downward/rearward motion is quite natural and actually increases control in rough terrain. As the rear wheel hits a bump, a rigid seatpost tries to lift the saddle up and forward, pitching you toward the handlebars. With the Thudbuster, this up-and-forward lift is counteracted by the down-and-back motion. The rider is unaffected by the bump. The rider's weight also stays on the rear wheel to help maintain traction during the bump encounter. By comparison, a rigid seatpost not only pitches the rider toward the handlebars, it also shifts weight off the rear wheel, causing a loss in traction, and loads the front wheel, which can be dangerous in rough terrain.


Is there a way to fit the Thudbuster suspension onto my existing seatpost?



The Thudbuster is a complete seatpost that replaces your existing seatpost.


Can I use my existing saddle with the Thudbuster?



The Thudbuster uses a typical saddle-clamp mechanism, allowing you to use any saddle that has the standard double-mounting rail design. The saddle clamp also allows for fine-tune adjustments of the saddle angle and the saddle fore/aft position.


I don't race or ride off-road but would like my bike to be more comfortable. Will the Thudbuster work for me?



Thudbuster offers both performance AND comfort. Thudbuster customers use the Thudbuster on road bikes, touring bikes, tandems, and commuter bikes, as well as mountain bikes. The suspension actively absorbs bumps as you ride, regardless of whether you ride rugged mountain trails or rough city pavement.


I race my bike and am concerned about the added weight. How much weight will the Thudbuster add?


The typical rigid seatpost on a mid-level XC race bike weighs about 350 grams. With the Thudbuster weighing about 575 grams (LT)/450 grams (ST) (exact weight depends on size), you will be adding only about 225 grams (LT)/100 grams (ST). However, the increase in traction and control, and the reduction in discomfort and fatigue, more than compensate for any weight penalty and will actually let you ride faster, ride longer, and ride stronger than with even the lightest rigid seatpost on the market.